Ancient Pressignac

On the crossroads of ancient trade routes north and south.

Roman Burial Tumulus, La Motte
A tumulus covering a 500 BC Chevalier’s burial, La Motte, Pressignac.




The area around Pressignac teems with ancient Gallo-Roman evidence. Pressignac itself has a Roman “Stem” in its name, the “-ac” suffix having formerly been a Roman “-acum” – one of the most frequent formative components of Roman place names and crucially, indicates a personal association. Continue reading Ancient Pressignac

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Montmorillion A pretty “Very French” town to visit especially if you love art, or are visiting “Ile Aux Serpents” and want a place to go for lunch.

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Pitlochry’s twin-town Confolens

Confolens – a pen-portrait

Literally meaning “the flowing together” of two rivers: Confolens – Twin-town Pitlochry, Scotland – is a latin name for the town sitting on the two rivers La Vienne and La Goire at the point that they flow together.

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Forfar’s twin-town Chabanais

Chabanais, Haute Charente Chabanais Poitou-Charentes

Chabanais – a pen-portrait

Chabanais – Twin-town Forfar, Scotland, is a town in South West France in the Charente. Situated mid way between Angouleme and Limoges, Chabanais straddles the River Vienne: the only river to flow North, in France.

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