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Oradour Sur Glane – Martyred village

Martyred village of Oradour sur Glane
Martyred village - oradour sur glane

This is the martyred World War II village. On 10th June 1944 as the allies were advancing through northern France and more and more German units were being moved north, being fearful of a strong rear-guard action by the French resistance, the Waffen SS rounded up 642 men, women and children in this peaceful (non-resistance) town and brutally put them to death by fire and arms. Continue reading Oradour Sur Glane – Martyred village

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20% Discount off Brittany Ferries for all La Croix guests

Brittany Ferries Logo

All La Croix guests qualify for a 20% Brittany Ferries discount on their channel crossing from Portsmouth to Caen, Le Harvre or St. Malo and back.

Cut your holiday ferry costs by 20% using this discount code! And save miles on the road by having a longer, more leisurely crossing by sea and a shorter road trip in France (meaning less fuel, fewer tolls and stops too).

To qualify for these Brittany Ferries deals, you will need to book your holiday at La Croix Spa and use Brittany Ferries for the crossing. Please ask us at the time of your booking for your discount code.

(Offer only applies to Brittany Ferries and not to other ferry operators. Also only applies to passenger and car fares but not to onboard accommodation or purchases made on board.)

If you book La Croix Spa through Holiday France Direct using the links below, your Brittany Ferries discount will also apply.

Sartre (Family of 4)Baudelaire (Family of 6)Racine (Family of 6)Corneille (Family of 8 – 10)

If you are coming via Dover or using P&O, then you can still get a 5% discount on your P&O crossing using our affiliation with Chez Nous. Find out more here.

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Reconstructed Gallic Village

Coriobona, Reconstructed ancient Gaulish village

This is an outdoors fully reconstructed ancient Gallic Village aiming to recapture what one of these would have been like around 1st Century BC. There are farmers houses, aristocratic houses, a forum.

Guided tours are available in the afternoons 14:00 – 17:00 July and August and some weeks they have actors to bring a more realistic feel to the village.

Learn more about the history of ancient France. 


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Winter breaks

Winter Breaks

Winter breaks at La Croix Spa

For a family Christmas or New Year with a difference, why not come out and celebrate here, at La Croix Spa?

What could be nicer to have the room to house your entire family, cook and eat in one place for your main meals (or separately as you wish) and get that fantastic winter mix of brisk outside activities, coupled with snuggling up warmly back in your cottages.

Continue reading Winter breaks