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On site fishing at La Croix Spa

Small lake for fun fishing

A small fun fishing lake teeming with fish!

Loads of coarse fishing options also available nearby.

Our lake

We have a lake of about an acre in the grounds. This is not a professionally stocked or managed lake; we do not charge for its use and we do not supply equipment for it. It is a private lake offered to guests of La Croix Spa for fun fishing only.  It is nevertheless teeming with fish of all sorts, including Common Carp, Dace, Perch, Rudd and Roach. We have had a number of serious fishers visit over the years for the more professionally managed lakes and local waterways nearby. But they all come back to our lake, just because it is such fun and great for teaching the kids.

Public fishing places

The great thing about coming for a fishing holiday in the Charente, Dordogne or Vienne,, is that while you fish, your family can come too and relax doing the many activities in this directory! No more “Fishing Widows”! Where else can your wife get a massage while you fish!

Etang de Chauffie – Pressignac

“For the serious fisherman, this is a prolific day-ticket fishery within five minute’s drive of Pressignac. It is a mature lake of 5 – 6 acres and tree-lined all the way around.

Fishing is only permitted from one bank as the lake is long and narrow: 50 – 70 yards wide.

Day tickets cost 7 Euros and give you access from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and is collected from the bank-side. No other permit is required. The lake is open June – September, but is weekend-only June and September, but open every day in July and August.

The lake has a large stock of Carp, up to 17 kilos but there are many fish between 10-12 kilos. These can be caught on most methods. Many other species are present such as Roach, Rudd, Tench, Chub and Grass Carp”.

There is a bar and snack bar on site for good value hot and cold meals.

Lacs de Haute Charente

Fishing at the Lacs de Haute Charente These are massive 400 hectare freshwater inland lakes. Fishing is available on both Lac Lavaud and Lac Mas-Chaban all year ’round. (French Category 2 lakes). Night carp fishing is permitted under certain conditions, otherwise fishing hours are 1/2 hr before sunrise to 1/2 hr after sun set. Fishing is not permitted in areas indicated by yellow buoys.

A fishing permit is obligatory for both lakes and you can get a touritst permit at the Pressignac post office or Ofices of Tourism. These cost about 30 euros for a permit de vacance which gives you unlimited fishing in the lakes and rivers for 15 days.

Fish resident in the lakes are: Pike-Perch, Carp, Black Bass, Wels, Common Perch, Tench, Northern Pike. You are limited to two fish per person per day if you want to take any away to eat. Minimum sizes apply. But you are encouraged to remove Catfish and Louisiana crayfish where you find these.

These lakes also have sandy beaches, water sports and ornithological observatories, plus cycling and walking trails, so there is plenty for your family to do while you fish.

Rivers (Throughout region)

Your fishing permit available from the post-office in Pressignac permits you to fish the local rivers where these are not on private property and you will find Trout and Rainbow trout in these. Minimum sizes again apply. The permit costs 30 euros for 15 days and permits you to fish the local rivers and tributaries including the rivers: “La Vienne” and “La Charente”.