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Half-term breaks

Half Term Breaks

La Croix Spa offers you the ability to get away for Spring, Summer and Winter half-term breaks.

Nothing easier than to pack a few things (we have the rest here!) and hop on a plane to Limoges airport. Pick up a hire car and we’re 40 minutes from there.

There is plenty to do over any of the three half terms through the year and the peace of La Croix Spa and the convenience of all facilities means Mum and Dad can completely unwind.

Whilst the heated pool will not be available for Spring and Autumn half terms, it is available for the Summer and the Jacuzzi and Sauna are available all year. Beauty Treatments also are available all year.

There are plenty of activities to do both on site and in the local area: both indoor and outdoor. These include all La Croix Spa Facilities, and most local activities (see “Activities” link above) are available except the Watersports in Spring and Autumn. All restaurants, bars, historic monuments are open and the local countryside is gorgeous to enjoy in any way you like at any time of the year.

La Croix Spa is the perfect place for your family to take some quality time away together outside the busier Summer Holiday Season. For more information, please email us .