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Winter breaks

Winter Breaks

Winter breaks at La Croix Spa

For a family Christmas or New Year with a difference, why not come out and celebrate here, at La Croix Spa?

What could be nicer to have the room to house your entire family, cook and eat in one place for your main meals (or separately as you wish) and get that fantastic winter mix of brisk outside activities, coupled with snuggling up warmly back in your cottages.

Beautiful, crisp, winter scene at la Croix Spa

The Jacuzzi and Sauna are open and hot! You have all the benefits of everything on site here (see “On site at La Croix“) and whilst local summer activities are closed, you can still join in with the local Christmas activities and Christmas markets.

The weather is more “Christmassy” over here than in the UK. It is always crisp, and when the sun is out it is beautiful! Everything is covered in the morning with silvery hoar-frost and the ground crackles under-foot.

Even when the sun is not out, the frosty air picks out spiders webs and paints the grass white and the silence is resounding. It is so still.

Inside the cottages we have a mixture of modern infrared heating, electric radiators and (in Baudelaire & Racine) wood burners. All beds have duvets and extra blankets and the bedroom floors are all carpeted. We warm the cottages up for you well in advance of your arrival.

Our Winter breaks are very popular here with the French, who we have welcomed here for the last five years over the Christmas and New year period.

Our prices are for Mid-Season, as we typically host large parties of people over a short period of time and have to factor-in our energy costs, which are higher in this period than for the summer.

Have a browse around our gallery of festive photos below and if you are interested to find out more, please email us .

Henri's lake Christmas party Hot jacuzzi
Frosty cobwebs Father Christmas visits Rochechouart Frost on the Pré de La Croix